My background

I originally hail from Canada, where I grew up in a crookedly charming little town called Windsor. I then moved to cities much bigger than the one I came from--Toronto, New York, D.C., Detroit. Nowadays, I reside in rural New England with my husband and our two (soon to be three) young boys. We recently added a cow to our numbers, with plans of branching out to chickens and bees. 

In my spar(s)e time

I was for many years a competitive distance runner, and although I have since hung up my singlet and racing shoes, I still love me a lonely trail or dusty country road. When I'm not on my feet, I'm happily on my bike. I also like photographing whatever's around me. It used to be skyscrapers; these days, it's cows. I dabble rather amateurishly in various other arts as well, but always prefer to enjoy others do it with greater mastery.