My background

I originally hail from Canada, where I grew up in a small city called Windsor--better known for geographical reasons as "South Detroit" from the Journey song "Don't Stop Believin.'" Although I never left Windsor on a "midnight train going anywhere," I did move for an education that felt similarly open-ended. That led me to places much bigger and busier than the one I came from, such as Toronto and New York. Having had my fill of city life, I then retreated to rural New England, where I now live with my husband and our three young boys. We recently added some cows and chickens to our numbers, with plans of expanding to bees, pigs, and sheep.

In my spar(s)e time

For a long time I was a competitive distance runner, and although I have since hung up my singlet and racing shoes, I still harbor a love for lonely trails and dusty country roads. When I'm not on my feet, I'm happily on my bike. I also like photographing whatever's around me. It used to be skyscrapers; these days, it's pastures. I dabble rather amateurishly in various other arts as well, but always prefer to enjoy others do it with greater mastery.